Teacher Innovation Scholarship - Online Application

What and Why

Describe the project. What is the Objective? (For research projects, what is the question?) What do you plan to do?

Who and how many will benefit from the project? How will they benefit?

What community or geographic area will benefit from this project?

Effect on Students

For example: Demonstrated improvements in literacy skill levels; placement, retention, or completion of postsecondary education, training, unsubsidized employment, or career advancement; receipt of secondary school diploma or equivalent.

How will you know whether this project had the intended results on your student's performance, that is, how will you know if this project was successful or unsuccessful in improving instruction? How will you measure the improvement? (For research projects, how will you know you answered your question?

Dissemination / Adaptability

Be specific — what will you do, when, and for whom?


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